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AV Le September 12, 2022
"I had a great experience working with MTM Building Group. They built everything I needed and a bit more. MTM has gone the extra mile to keep me happy. Highly recommended."
Lisa Beam August 6, 2022
"MTM did a beautiful job on my recent remodel. They added a master bedroom suite and doubled the size of my living room. The quality of the workmanship was beyond amazing. Michael was at our house every day to manage and inspect the work and deal with multiple inspections. Nancy was very helpful when working with me to do the best the design possible, and she also helped to select the best materials for the job. I still can't believe the entire project took only four months! My neighbor is doing the same type of remodel with a different builder, and their house has been under construction for 10 months so far. I figure it will take them over a year to do what I had done in four months. I would highly recommend working with MTM for your next remodeling job."